Super Face Crop

Automatic Image Cropping

by Face detection

Auto Cropping of images in bulk

Very simple to use..just in few clicks !

Multiple Face detection cropping in an image

Fast and safe

You want to:



works on concept of Face detection

Works on jpeg/jpg , png type of can select output type also

Crop Bulk of images on a single click

You can select your dimensions..

Simple user interface..easy to make use of it.

Multiple Face detection cropping


These are the steps regarding a preview of this software:

Step:1-To take a trial,just click on download button..

Step:2-When you run the will find this main window of the software

Step:3-Now You can choose your image importing folder(in which images are present) with destination one(where you want to save cropped images).You can choose your dimensions also.

Step:4-(1).you can crop 2 photos as a demo..for more click on activate.

(2).If you don't have your on "Get key" to purchase it for procceding more than two photos.

(3).If you already purchased Enter Email and key to activate it.

Here as you can see there is a folder(images) containing some images including multi-face images. And after cropping it gives cropped images as well as seperate multi-faces photos and a folder named "Not_cropped" generated in which all uncropped images are present.There is also a list of uncropped images (Readme.txt)